Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Do you ever notice that this word is “echoing” us and our life? Even we do this in our own life without we know it. You might be will say, “no way!” or “ugh uh, not me!”

I will give you the example, when you come to the grocery store and you just ready to pay and beside you there is a woman has a little bit messy hair with an unusual jewelry that she puts on, looking at you. And I bet, you will protect your wallet or pocket book automatically instead of saying, “how are you?” (in the first place) or if in your work place, your co-worker get raised you get upset because you think that you are away beyond them.

Does it sound about right?

It happens in the church also. I ever heard that someone doesn’t want to go to the church because the pastor is not a good preacher. Or being discourage just because we thought that we aren’t accepted (O…o…it sounds like me!!! Upppss…sorry, not anymore, thanks to Pastor Tom Leonard of Winton Baptist Church, his wise word encourage me a lot). Well, if we are talking about church it should be dealt with God (but it doesn’t mean that all the judging not dealing with God). It’s always dealing with God’s word.

Just remember this, God create us, and his creations are very unique. So, who ever judging others it means they are judging God. Yes, of course! If you say, oohh she is from planet Pluto and has a rainbow hair and skin, she is so weird. Doesn’t God create them as He created us? They are different just because God might let that happen to them, I don’t know. The point is jus accept them they way they are. So, if you are a rainbow person you won’t be feeling discourage anymore. And believe me, difference always makes this world rich and colorful.

I know that is very easy to judge people. How about if we are the one who is being judge? Should we discourage and hide under our shell like snail?

No…! Don’t let people judge you, just because you are a rainbow looking, don’t let people discourage you just because you have a different life from them.
God loves us all, so why don’t we just thank HIM that He gives us the opportunity to live in this beautiful world and enjoy his love in our live. I believe our life will be so much better.

Don't forget to read : Matthew 7:1-6

Have a blessing day!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Answered Prayer

Many people has a good reputation of making a very beautiful prayer. I admired their word and so real. Is it the guarantee that God will answer their prayer?

I had a very severe doubt of praying. I thought that God never answered my prayer. I read any kind of book that told me how to get the answered of my praying. But none of them solve the problem and I didn't get any answer of my request from God. Then I just feel like probably my sins are too big so it couldn't be forgiven at all. So I stop requesting God!

Do you know what happened? God gave me my request one by one. In that time I talked to my self...hmmmhh... I don't need to pray then, because God give me what I requested way back that I thought He never listened and when I didn't ask at all He gave me. So I stop praying!

First, I stop requesting then second, I stop praying!

What happened next? God gave me more tests on my life!

I am very exhausted. One night I couldn't sleep and started talked inwardly and asking God what does he want from me. Later on, I got it. I don't know that God's word or not but that night, I got an idea how to make my prayer answered.

I combined all the theory from the book and my experiences and I made conclusion how the prayer will be answered that worked for me.

When I ask something from God, keep asking constantly but...but... don't push Him to fulfill it. Asking constantly and let it go, let God decided the right time for him to answer. That's what I did.

I told Scott, I made a long list what I need. I prayed that list constantly and then I don't want to remember all the list, so I don't feel burderned if God not give me the answer. And praise the Lord, He answered some of the prayer without I am knowing. Even though take time but I know that God give me in the best time for me to get. Because God knows the best for us.

So guys, what is your mind...give me a comment!

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Sunday, February 3, 2008


When I was kid my grandma introduced me to some kittens in her shop because my mom doesn't want me to have one. It's because our house like "matches box"- very small. If every body standing and walking in the same time then our body will almost touch each other, so you can imagine how tiny it is, if i got pet it will be disaster to my house.

Anyway this secret relationship make my feelings about cat growing. I love cats since then. And my mom know about that. However she loves me so much, even though no real cat arround me but she tried to make me happy. Since she works in the printing company which is printing calendar too, so every year she tried to get me one of the cat calendar. That was enjoyable to me.

When I get married and the entire of my husband's family love cats so much...it feels like a dreams come true to me. My husband give me a 'very early baby' kitten (4 weeks years old), he is pure black (in Indonesia black cat means black magic, I don't know about here where I live now, USA). Beside the color of my kitten doesn't matter to me at all.

My kitten's name is weakey (because he was too small and weak) but I want to have his name in Indonesian way, that is "WIKI" even though all the vet called him, Mr. Weakey Downs. He was born June 8, 2007, he has the same birthdate as my husband. By the time I am typing this(February 3rd, 2008), he is 8 months years old. He is big and long and has long tail now, sometimes we called him "Mr. Long Tail." I can't believe it that he is growing so fast. I remembered clearly that he was as big as my husband's palm.

We made video of him when he was still so tiny ohhhh...he was so cute and until now he is still cute. But poor baby... he is still nursing everytime he is ready to sleep. It was my mistake. I should give him milk with baby's bottle when he was still so young. But please don't blame me, this is my first experience raising kitten.

Anyway...everytime my husband watch the video of him, he always yell, " Stop...Wiki...Stop...! (I thought wiki did something bad) but when I listened carefully what he said. Stop Wiki, Stop..stop growing...ha hahahahaha...!!

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Cooking time

Rhumhorn Puff

Buy: sugar, milk, corn starch, eggs, rhum, margarine, flour

and make these thing here under, but sorry it is still in Indonesian language. I am too lazy to translate that recipe...sorryyy
[next time I will translate, I promise!]

1/2 resep adonan puff pastry100 gr gula pasir untuk taburanVla:375 ml susu cair40 gr maizena, cairkan dengan sedikit air120 gr gula pasir2 kuning telur, kocok lepas3 sdt rum

Cara membuat:
1. Buat vla: campur susu dan gula pasir, masak dengan api kecil sambil diaduk sampai mendidih. Ambil 3 sdm adonan, campur dengan telur, aduk rata, tuang ke dalam adonan vla. 2. Masukkan cairan maizena, masak sambil diaduk sampai adonan matang dan mengental, angkat, dinginkan. Lalu tambahkan rum, aduk rata, sisihkan.4. Giling adonan puff pastry setebal 2 mm, potong serong memanjang 50 x 1,5 cm. Lilitkan adonan mengikuti cetakan kerucut saling menumpuk hanya setengah bagian, agar adonan tidak terbuka.5. Letakkan di loyang yang sudah diperciki air, oles juga bagian atas adonan dengan air, taburi gula pasir. Panggang sampai matang selama 25 menit dengan suhu 180 C.6. Setelah dingin, lepaskan adonan dari cetakan, isi dengan vla.Untuk 20 buah.


Bahan :
500 gr tepung terigu protein sedang10 gr gula pasir15 gr garam50 gr telur250 cc air es50 gr margarin 250 gr pastry margarine

Cara membuat :
1. Campur tepung terigu, gula pasir, dan garam, masukkan telur, tuang air sedikit-sedikit sambil diuleni. 2. Masukkan margarin, uleni adonan tapi tidak sampai kalis, diamkan dalam lemari es selama 15 menit. 3. Giling adonan, taruh pastry margarine di bagian tengah, bungkus seperti amplop, giling setebal 1/2 cm. 4. Lipat adonan dari satu sisi menutupi 2/3 lembaran, lipat 1/3 bagian sisa menutup sisi sebelahnya. Giling lagi setebal 1/2 cm, simpan dalam lemari es selama 10 menit. 5. Lakukan proses langkah no.4 sampai 3 kali. Keluarkan dari lemari es, giling setebal ½ cm, adonan siap dibentuk.

Setelah panggang sana panggang sini...siap deh disantap


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