Friday, February 12, 2010


Today is February 12, 2010, I really don't know what to do, too many things bad happen arround that need extra thought of me to move on.

I have been bussy doing dilly dally at Facebook which is fun because I can communicate with my old and new friends from all over the world. But sometimes, for being to active on that site, made all the feelings involved and boy oh boy, sometimes beyond me. Beside I have too much waste my time and energy just "glueing" my eyes to Facebook. I need to stop and back to the track that I should follow to the future. No more distraction to reach my future brightspot.

I don't need people read my mind or my opinion anymore. I just want to do it without considering what people are going to say. Nope, not anymore. I am almost 40 next month and it means, close your mouth, open your eyes and ears and count one to five whenever you want to open your mouth.

Wise word is saying that life begins at 40, I hope my glamour life will start next month. I am tired of too much consideration whenever making something new. I want to have fun in life. I believe God will answer about this request soon. Amen.

Oh well...that's the news from today, I wish nobody read this, so I can explore my feelings freely....

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