Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sunday 7 pm, May 11, 2008 was my first experience having severe thunderstorm. We had been riding to Winton from Outer Banks and the raindrops as big as marble mighty big and hit our truck like somebody threw the stone to the truck.

It made me, my husband and my kitten scared to death. We couldn't see the road at all and we couldn't stop either. There was nothing we can do except praying. And God guard us from disaster and damaging...but...
when we got Scott's mom's house, the front and back yard were full of limps and some of the trees got hit. Thank goodness that our home and little cabin and all the Downs (Joan, Evi, Scott, Weakey, Bebee, Missy, Pedee) are safe.

If you want to see the picture aftermath, visit us:

What an experience, huh?

ps: I don't want to write a lot because I feel not good to remember this scary moment in mother's day.

Happy mother's day though!


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